Prayer books for the IDF

Demo imageKing David, one of the primary authors of the Psalms, was a warrior and a poet. He fully experienced the human range of emotions: joy, adoration, victory, fear, despair, and sadness - to name a few. He wrote eloquently about these emotions and their relation to God. He wrestled with the daily conflict of seeing justice seemingly withheld from the righteous and tragedy befalling the faithful.

Our soldiers, many of whom are young, just 18 years old, experience a myriad of emotions on the battlefield. They sometimes struggle with reconciling the battlefield to daily life, like King David. We believe that giving our soldiers access to the Psalms will help them not only spiritually, but also mentally and emotionally with handling the demands of being a citizen soldier. Also, as with our Tanakh Project (see our current projects page), our heart is to fill theirs with living words, inspired by our Creator, to bring peace, calm, focus, and preparation for all of life's moments - especially those most stressful and intense.

Picnic Benches for the IDF

Demo imageYou've had a long day; it's hot and you're tired. The last thing you want to do is go into a non-air conditioned, dimly-lit indoor space. But where do you go? Outside there's just more sun and no reprieve from the elements! The same could be said for seasons of rain and snow. At ISF we believe in supporting a variety of needs, one of which is providing areas of retreat and comfort for Israel's warriors. Our current project is the purchase of these covered picnic benches for a unit of the IDF. They provide our soldiers a place not only to eat, but also to read, visit with each other, and relax. We believe its investments like these that support a harvest of personal balance, camaraderie, and focus in the moments that matter.