The Heartbeat of Aid.

The Israel Support Fund Story

The Israel Support Fund (ISF) germinated from a profound commitment to the valorous causes that resonate through the vibrant landscapes of Israel. Our inception is tightly interwoven with the selfless endeavors of our founder, Yisroel Stefansky, whose youthful zeal propelled him into the heart of humanitarian service. At the tender age of 15, Yisroel co-founded Zaka, marking the advent of a lifelong mission imbued with benevolence and unwavering support for the Israeli populace. His linguistic prowess in English paved the way for his pivotal role as the spokesperson for Zaka in the United States, a role that witnessed him transcending boundaries, both geographical and humanitarian.

Yisroel’s relentless journey through the realms of aid and advocacy escorted him to over 50 terror sites and death scenes, each step resonating with a clarion call for a structured, impactful support system. His venture extended beyond Israeli terrains to foreign lands, marking significant interventions in Toronto and Houston, Texas, the latter upon the invitation of NASA post the Columbia space shuttle calamity. Today, Yisroel’s indomitable spirit continues to echo through numerous Jewish causes, encapsulating the ethos of ISF in every endeavor.

The sapling of benevolence sowed alongside Zaka Canada President, Marshall Shapiro, blossomed into a robust foundation envisioned as a haven for the champions of Zion. The ISF transcends ideological and theological bounds, anchoring itself in the pragmatic realm of frontline support. Our narrative is simple yet profound; to stand as a bulwark against the adversities attempting to eclipse the Jewish community and by extension, the fabric of humanity. The historical tapestry bears witness to the ripple effect of adversities faced by the Jewish community, underscoring the imperative of a fortified support system.

Our donor community embodies the essence of faith and commitment, resonating with the intrinsic values that drive the defenders of Zion. Their unwavering support has enabled ISF to weave a network of immediate response, eliminating bureaucratic hurdles often synonymous with aid delivery. The ISF narrative dismisses the traditional requisites of aid applications, embracing a direct, heartfelt approach to humanitarian support. Our motto resonates with simplicity and profoundness, “We go to them. Now.”

Our interventions span a spectrum of humanitarian needs:

  • Nourishing the hungry with sustenance.
  • Clothing the ragged with warmth and dignity.
  • Addressing an array of requests with compassion and immediacy.

Our grassroots approach fosters a deep understanding of the authentic needs of the individuals we serve, allowing us to tailor our support, ensuring a meaningful impact.

The ISF ethos abstains from the pursuit of external accolades. Our narrative shuns the spotlight, focusing instead on the intrinsic rewards harvested through acts of benevolence. Our donor community relishes in the heartfelt gratification derived from the knowledge that their contributions have ignited a spark of hope, caressing the heartstrings of God, the beneficiaries, and their own conscience.

Heartfelt Gratitude from ISF!

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is a testament to the collective spirit of compassion and support that fuels our mission at ISF.

Every contribution is a step towards creating a tangible impact, towards a tomorrow filled with hope and resilience.

Thank you for joining hands with us, for believing in the cause, and for being a harbinger of hope and change.

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