Israel Is At War. They Need Your Support

The horrors that unfolded in Israel are beyond words – a serene Sabbath morning abruptly plunged into a nightmare, leaving the nation reeling from the acts of barbarity that claimed precious lives and shattered countless others. The nefarious kidnapping of the vulnerable ones—children and elders—added layers of agony to an already grievous situation.

The Israel Support Fund (ISF) has been a beacon of hope amidst this storm, tirelessly working on all fronts to provide aid, comfort, and support.

Providing a Shield to the Brave

ISF’s immediate mobilization ensured the brave soldiers of the IDF received essential equipment and support, reinforcing their morale and capability to protect the citizens against the forces of terror.

Extending a Healing Touch

Medical support is critical in times of crisis. Our emergency medical aid has been a lifeline to many injured, ensuring timely medical interventions and support.

Nurturing Lives Torn Asunder

The inhumane acts have left many families bereft and struggling. ISF’s humanitarian projects are geared towards providing food, shelter, and clothing to those affected, giving them a semblance of normalcy in a world turned upside down.

A Shoulder to Lean On

The emotional and financial support for families grieving the loss of their loved ones is a crucial part of our mission. Your donations help us stand alongside them in their hour of need.

A Call to the Heart

Your generous donation is more than just a monetary contribution. It’s a symbol of hope, a promise of solidarity, and a step towards healing the deep wounds inflicted upon the soul of Israel. Each dollar you donate amplifies our ability to provide immediate relief and long-term support.

This calamity has shaken the core of many, yet the indomitable spirit of Israel stands firm. Through ISF, your support translates into actions that alleviate suffering and contribute to the nation’s journey of healing and recovery.

Your empathy and generosity can make a profound difference. Reach out, donate, and be a part of a noble cause that’s mending hearts and rebuilding lives. Donate Now and let the spirit of humanity shine through the dark clouds of despair.

Every gesture of support is a step towards restoring peace, towards a future where the smiles of the innocent are not eclipsed by the shadows of fear. Together, let’s extend our hands to hold, heal, and hope.

Heartfelt Gratitude from ISF!

Your gracious donation of

is a testament to the collective spirit of compassion and support that fuels our mission at ISF.

Every contribution is a step towards creating a tangible impact, towards a tomorrow filled with hope and resilience.

Thank you for joining hands with us, for believing in the cause, and for being a harbinger of hope and change.

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