Fostering Resilience.
Nurturing Hope.

The Tapestry of Aid:
Unveiling ISF’s Spectrum of Support

At the Israel Support Fund (ISF), our endeavors transcend the boundaries of conventional support, morphing into a multifaceted spectrum of aid that reaches the heart of Israeli communities. Our mission resonates through the corridors of military camps, echoes through the cries for emergency medical aid, and reverberates through the silent hopes of the struggling. Each strand of our support narrative is interwoven with resilience, hope, and an unwavering belief in the indomitable spirit of humanity.

Backing the Brave.

The bravery that stands guard over our peaceful nights and secure days deserves more than mere acknowledgment.

It beckons a tangible support system that amplifies the capabilities and morale of our valiant soldiers.

Our initiatives, fueled by the collective conscience of our donors and volunteers, extend essential equipment and moral support to the IDF personnel.

This gesture of solidarity is not just about nurturing a well-equipped military force, but about endorsing the sacrifices and valor that shield our homeland.

Supporting the Struggling.

Our humanitarian lens focuses on the real, palpable needs of the struggling. Every meal provided, every warm clothing distributed, and every distress alleviated, reflects our unwavering commitment to rekindle hope amidst despair.

Our response to the calls of aid is immediate, empathetic, and impactful, embodying the essence of humanity.

Through our interventions, we aim to nurture a milieu of empowerment that transcends the moment of aid, instilling a lasting hope and fostering a cycle of positive change across Israeli communities.

Military Support

We extend our support to the brave soldiers of the IDF, providing essential equipment and aid to ensure they are well-prepared to safeguard our nation.

Emergency Aid

ISF steps in during critical times to assist families in need of urgent surgery, and those grappling with cancer or the heart-wrenching loss from acts of terrorism.

Basic Necessities

Ensuring individuals have food to eat, clothes to wear, and warmth during cold seasons is at the heart of our humanitarian projects, because every basic need met is a step towards a better life.

Seasonal Projects

We commemorate significant occasions by launching projects during Passover, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Sukkot to provide provisions and financial assistance to families in need, making each season a bit brighter.

Heartfelt Gratitude from ISF!

Your gracious donation of

is a testament to the collective spirit of compassion and support that fuels our mission at ISF.

Every contribution is a step towards creating a tangible impact, towards a tomorrow filled with hope and resilience.

Thank you for joining hands with us, for believing in the cause, and for being a harbinger of hope and change.

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